The Elements of a Power Team

An important ingredient in the recipe for a successful business is an outstanding team. How can someone ensure that a team is healthy and productive? There are some different aspects of a team that should be looked after and implemented in any crew that hopes to make progress together.

The first is trust. Do your team member’s trust each other? There can be some hostility fostered from the lack of honesty about weaknesses and needs within a group. The fear of being vulnerable with others gets in the way of being honest, and that makes it difficult to build any foundation of trust at all. Something that goes with the fear of being vulnerable is the fear of conflict.

A fear of conflict is a huge hurdle that many people struggle to jump over in their every day lives. The fear of conflict prevents any real progress when there are problems that need to be fixed. Pretending there is no conflict when there is one can be disastrous, and the problem should be handled right away by the first person who notices it. This brings us to our third factor: avoidance of accountability.

There should be pressure for every team member to be responsible. Taking accountability for what they do and for what they don’t do is an important part of the culture of every team. For example, if Kathryn sees Randy over there leaving his dirty dishes in the sink for someone else to wash, the next time Kathryn finishes using a plate, she’ll leave hers there with the rest of Randy’s. But, if Randy sees Kathryn cleaning up after herself, Randy would feel like a burden if he keeps leaving his own mess for someone else to take care of. It seems like kindergarten, but as we all know, those are where the most important lessons are learned. The culture of the team is influenced greatly by the leader and what their decisions and actions teach the other members to mimic.

So, take note on what your team is doing well, and what it isn’t doing so well. You’ll find that using these three keys for improvement will boost productivity and make working an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.